Company Profile

A E Y Global Facilities Management LLC’s progression in turning into a completely fledged Facilities Management service supplier has been achieved over forty four years of strategic designing and development. beginning in 1974 as a mechanical contractor, we have a tendency to at first designed our experience within the installation and maintenance of mechanical systems.

In succeeding decades, through joint ventures, acquisitions and entrepreneurship, we have a tendency to broadened our horizon to incorporate electrical systems, union of huge tariff chillers, general and specialised cleansing services, security services Associate in Nursingd last energy management by achieving RSB certification as an Energy Services Company (ESCO).

Today, we've a powerful and integrated service portfolio and square measure one among the most important FM service suppliers within the UAE. With 300+ live comes, we have a tendency to square measure leaders in infrastructure, luxury property, industrial facilities, mixed-use developments, commercial, residential, retail and education sectors.

Being one among thirty four firms that forms the A E Y Global Facilities Management LLC cluster, our services square measure complemented by our sister firms that collect a wealth of experience across the industries. Well-defined data management systems change synergies that bring long-run profit to our service delivery and, consequently, our customers.

Our in depth experience comes along and enriches a knowledge-driven operation leading to exceptional service. Our holistic approach to assembling management focuses on the entire lifecycle of the building. Our core FM activities square measure structured around: Strategic Facilities designing (SFP), Predictive/Preventive Maintenance and Energy Management and canopy MEP, welcome, cleaning, security and specialised services.

At A E Y Global Facilities Management LLC, we have a tendency to square measure keen about the UAE’s vision to become a sensible and property country. maintaining with the implementation speed is Associate in Nursing exciting challenge for United States of America and one we've taken on seriously. we have a tendency to square measure signed to the simplest of world innovations and international standards so we will supply best-in-class services to our shoppers here within the UAE. we have a tendency to square measure one among the instauration members of MEFMA and square measure authorized by many supposed business associations.

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