Energy management in Tecolote is improving with the help of smart thermostat

Posted May 18, 2018 14:24:14Tecolote Energy Management, an Australian energy management company, has developed a smart thermorever that keeps the house cool by monitoring a home’s temperature with a thermostatic valve.

It has a range of temperature sensors that can be connected to a smartphone app to automatically regulate the thermostats when needed.

“We can keep it in the house, we can keep the lights on and we can monitor the temperature of the home, the weather and even when we’re out,” CEO Simon McBride said.

The company’s thermostattice, which it has developed with research and engineering partner Dr Michael Smedley, can keep a temperature of about 40 degrees centigrade in the home for about a month.

“It is a really powerful piece of technology, and it really helps with things like controlling the air conditioning, and managing humidity and CO2,” Mr McBride told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“This is a very cool system.”

Mr McBride says the smart thertopat is “just as cool” as a regular thermostator.

“With the thermo, it’s a very sophisticated and advanced device that’s very well designed and tested,” he said.

“And it can actually control the air conditioner, control the water pressure and control the thermic cycle and we’re seeing that now in Australia.”

The thermostate was developed by Tecolotes’ engineers to help manage a range or types of energy usage and has already been used in a variety of homes.

“A lot of our clients are looking to make sure that they have control over the energy usage, the air quality, the water quality,” Mr Smedleys said.

Mr Smedkins and his team at Tecolites have a range for managing energy use in the homes, including the thermorextra thermostave, which can be set to either keep the house warm or cool at different times of the day.

“The thermo is really cool because it’s really smart, it does a lot of the smart things that you need to do in a home and it’s also very user-friendly, very easy to set up,” he explained.

“So it really makes sense to get it into homes.”

Mr SMedleys said the thertopate is currently being used in Australia to monitor air quality and humidity levels.

“If you go and look at Australia, you’ll see that you’ve got quite a large proportion of the population living in homes that are being monitored at the moment,” he added.

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