How to find the right energy investment in your company

How do you make a company energy efficient? 

For most companies, this is a question that can be answered by looking at their energy consumption.

For some, the answer to the question is simply, “don’t waste money”. 

But for others, the right question is, “what is the most efficient way to use that energy?”. 

And there are a number of different ways of thinking about how to get energy efficient, so it’s important to consider how energy efficient you are in order to find a company that will meet your energy needs.

What does the average UK company use? 

Energy efficiency is often used to describe the amount of energy that a company uses, and in many cases, this may not be accurate. 

For example, many companies rely on energy-efficient appliances and power products, and energy efficiency in general is an important factor for making a business sustainable. 

What is the average energy consumption of an energy-intensive company? 

The UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) has published data from 2011, which shows that energy consumption is an integral part of the cost of running a business. 

The data shows that the average value of energy consumed by a business in the UK is around 9.6TWh, which is around the equivalent of over 1.4 million houses. 

This means that an average UK business is using about 5.6 times the energy that it consumes, which can add up to a significant energy cost. 

In order to be energy efficient in the long run, the company will need to be able to reduce energy consumption by around 2.8 times over the course of its lifetime. 

However, it’s worth remembering that energy efficiency can be achieved by many different strategies, so what works for one company may not work for another. 

How do you determine what is energy efficient for your business? 

Companies can also consider their own energy efficiency, but it is often easier to find out by looking to their overall energy usage, or energy use per employee. 

These figures are important, because they are a good indicator of how energy efficiency is achieved. 

To find out what your business is energy inefficient, you can use an energy management software or app. 

You can use the energy efficiency tool from the ONS, or you can take a look at the UK’s Energy Performance Index (EPI), which gives an overall view of the energy usage in your industry. 

If your energy use is high, you may need to consider a lower energy efficiency strategy. 

Find out how to use an EPI How can you use an app? 

To be energy-independent, you will need a mobile app, or an app that helps you to manage energy efficiently. 

Some companies are looking for an energy efficiency app to help them manage their energy use. 

One example is Google Energy, which offers energy efficiency apps for energy efficiency and climate change monitoring, as well as a weather and weather forecasts app.

Another example is the App Store, which has a wide range of apps for running your business, and is a great way to track your energy usage. 

Apps like EnergyEfficiency are free, and you can download apps from the app store to help you with energy efficiency. 

Where do you start? 

Now that you know what energy efficiency measures are being used in your organisation, it is time to take action. 

Energy management software like the EnergyEfficient app can be used to track the energy use of your employees, and it can be an important tool for keeping energy efficiency up to date. 

There are also many other energy efficiency tools that can help your organisation meet its energy goals, like the UK Energy Efficiency Award. 

But don’t forget to look into the data you have already collected. 

A recent report from the Office for Energy and Climate Change (the UK’s energy regulator) found that in 2015, energy efficiency was the leading cause of carbon emissions. 

It also found that energy savings were the leading reason for company sustainability. 

So it is essential that you start planning your energy efficiency strategies now, and be on the lookout for opportunities to reduce your energy costs. 

 For more information about the energy performance index, check out the ONSL website.


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