How to use your smart thermostat to reduce your energy bills

IOT Energy Management International, a UK-based company that specialises in helping companies to manage energy, is one of many companies that are trying to make sure consumers don’t have to buy expensive smart thermos.

The company has developed an app for Apple and Android that uses a thermostats smart device to help customers reduce their energy bills.

The app, called The Energy Manager, uses a range of sensors and algorithms to automatically manage thermostatic and non-thermostatic energy usage based on various factors, including the temperature and humidity, as well as other environmental factors.

The app is free and has been downloaded by more than 100,000 people so far, but it isn’t the only smart thermo app out there.

Other companies are working on similar apps for both Android and iOS, and some of the apps have even gained a cult following in the space.

IOT has been experimenting with its app for a few months now, but recently launched a beta version.

When I asked the company’s head of product, David Coddington, if he could share some details on the beta version, he explained that the company was currently testing it with a small number of customers, but hopes to eventually roll it out to the wider market.

IOT’s app works by collecting temperature and ambient temperature data from thermostatically controlled devices, as it uses an onboard temperature sensor to monitor temperature and the humidity levels in the house.

It also uses a cloud-based app that monitors the temperature of a room and displays it to customers, as you can see below.

Each time a thermos is turned on, it’s sent data from its sensors to The Energy Management app, which then uses those temperature and moisture levels to create an hourly energy savings plan.

Once the app is running, customers can upload their energy savings plans and then view them over a three-month period, to help inform the company about any changes in their energy usage.

It’s easy to see why the app has become such a popular app among energy-savings enthusiasts.

With more and more smart thermoregulatory devices coming out every year, and the ability to automate your thermostatics in the home, it makes sense to have a smart thermist to manage your energy use as well.

What’s more, the app can automatically adjust your energy usage on the fly to make it more efficient, with just a few taps.

Coddington said that he hopes the app will also be useful for those who are struggling with the energy bills they’re seeing, as the app allows customers to make monthly energy savings targets.

Energy savings aren’t the most important thing, but the app does have one major benefit: it can be integrated into existing systems, so customers can get the most out of their thermostatis.

As part of its beta testing, IOT also introduced a free “energy management assistance” service, which allows customers who’ve not yet bought a smart energy management system to get a free monthly subscription for the app.

In the future, IOTA hopes to offer more free and premium services in the energy space, including energy optimization, energy conservation and energy management software, and Coddickson said that the team plans to launch more of these services in time.

“This will bring in a lot of additional revenue for us and give us a big boost,” he said.

“There are a lot more opportunities out there for us.”

The Energy Manager is available now for free on the Apple App Store, and can be downloaded for Android and for Windows, Windows Phone, and Linux.

Source TechCrunch


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