New NEB regulations to limit energy consumption are ‘anti-environmental’

The NEB is planning to regulate the amount of energy people can consume in Canada, including homes, businesses and universities, in a move that critics say is anti-environmentalist.

The move by the federal agency to limit greenhouse gas emissions will affect people across Canada, and its impact could be felt across the country.

In an email to staff Tuesday, NEB director Michael Coteau said the regulator is trying to ensure Canadians have an understanding of how the climate is changing and that energy consumption can be managed.

It also aims to make it easier for businesses to manage their carbon footprints, Coteaux said.

The NEA is the federal environmental agency responsible for regulating greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere.

Under the new rules, households will have to limit their energy consumption to 20 per cent of their home energy use, and businesses will be required to reduce their energy use to 30 per cent.

The rule is aimed at protecting Canadians from climate change and will help reduce energy bills, Citeau said.

“It’s also important to recognize that the proposed regulations do not create any new emissions targets, and in fact, they do not significantly change any existing emissions targets,” Coteaus said in the email.

“They only limit the number of hours a household can use energy for each hour of electricity consumption.

It’s a measure that does not significantly impact on the consumption of electricity or the demand for electricity.”

The new rules are part of a larger plan to increase energy efficiency across Canada.

The agency said in a statement that it has set a goal of reducing energy consumption by 10 per cent by 2020, with a goal to reach 80 per cent efficiency by 2030.

The goal also calls for an increase in the use of natural gas to reduce the need for coal-fired power generation.

In the coming years, CITEA is planning measures to promote the use and adoption of green technologies in the economy, Cideau said in an interview.

“We want to help Canadians become more energy efficient, we want to make our cities and towns more energy-efficient, and we want Canadians to have more opportunities to get energy from renewable sources, such as solar, wind, geothermal and biomass,” he said.


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