The new Tika Energy management system is a disaster

The Tika energy company is in the midst of a major shakeup, and it has come to the attention of some in the energy industry that its management systems are not quite up to scratch.

Tika Energy chief executive Mark Tait was speaking at the Future of Energy Summit in Las Vegas, and he was asked about the company’s new management system, called Tika Power, which aims to reduce energy bills and improve the company and its customers’ lives.

It is aimed at “faster, better, cleaner, more affordable, and better for everyone”, he said.

“It’s not going to be perfect, it’s not gonna be perfect for every customer, but it’s going to help the company a lot.”

Tait acknowledged that it was “a big deal” that “some of the systems” were not up to the task, but added that “we are taking the issue seriously”.

“It is an absolute shame that we don’t have the best management systems in the industry,” he said, “because the energy we use and the energy our customers use is going to save our lives, the environment, and save our planet.”

“We are taking this issue very seriously, and we have been working on it for a long time, and for the last two years, we have put in some serious efforts to try and get the best systems possible.”

There are two main areas of concern, Tait said.

First, the company has been “fiddling” with its management system to try to get it up to speed with the latest technologies, and this “will not work”.

“You can’t be going backwards in technology, and the only way to get your systems up to date is to invest in new technology,” he told the conference.

The second concern was the use of a “mixed bag” of technology.

This means that “the current systems that we are using to control and manage the energy, the power and water supply, all of those things are a mixed bag, and some of them are not up-to-date,” he added.

That meant that the “best” energy management systems were not currently up to standards that Tait had hoped would come into effect.

Tika’s management systems “are a mixed bundle” of technologies that will “not work” if they are not properly maintained and updated, he said – and it’s “not the worst of it”.

But it does “mean that the current management systems that are out there are not really good at dealing with the challenges that are going to come up in the future”.

He said that Tika had already been working with “the best of the best” on the management systems to improve them, but that the problem “hasnt been solved”.

As the company is still working on the new management systems, Tika is “working very closely with” a team of independent consultants, he added, to ensure that “it’s a seamless transition”.

There is also a “great need” for “more information” about the new Tikas management system in order to help people make better decisions about what they use, he admitted.

As a result, Tala Power, a “new generation” of Tika, “is being designed with an eye towards the next generation of energy, and as a result we are working very closely” with a team in the UK, and with a US company.

But Tika did not offer any specific information about how this new generation of Tika would work, and what the costs and risks of the new systems might be.

I’m a huge believer in being open with people, Taire said.

He added that it’s important for Tika to “share what we know” about its management and energy systems, and that “that’s a really good thing”.

I’ve always believed that what’s best for people is best for the environment and the planet, and I believe that’s what we are doing,” he concluded.

The Future of Power conference was hosted by the Global Climate Coalition, which includes many of the same members who were at the Summit, including the US Vice President and US Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry.

A panel of energy experts also gave an update on the state of the energy sector.

Energy analyst at the US consultancy Eurasia Group, James Delancey, said that the panel was optimistic about the prospects for the Tika Group’s new energy systems.

Delancey said that “when you look at what Tika has done in terms of getting to this point, what they’ve done in their power generation and storage businesses, what TIKA is doing in its electricity generation business, they are on track to deliver on the promise of TIKAs leadership role in providing clean, secure, and reliable power to all Australians.”

He added that the industry “is looking at a lot of things, but we are


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