When will Intel’s Power Management become the next big feature in ThinkPad laptops?

By now, you’ve probably heard that ThinkPad will be launching a new Power Management (PM) feature in 2016, and that it will replace the built-in Intel Extreme Memory Profile (Intel EMM).

The new feature, dubbed “Intel EMR”, will allow users to manage the power profile of their laptop without having to do anything else.

The PM feature will allow ThinkPad users to set specific CPU/GPU clocks, GPU memory clocks, system clock, and system voltage for the system.

Users can also use this feature to manage system resources, and to control system temperatures, as well as the temperature and fan speed of the laptop.

This is a huge change in the way ThinkPad is managing power, and will make it much easier for users to maintain a high performance system without having their system get bogged down.

In addition, users will be able to manage this power using a graphical user interface (GUI) that will be available in the ThinkPad 13 7000 series.

This new feature will make users a lot more aware of what’s going on with their system, and also help keep systems running at their highest performance without resorting to manual overclocking.

It also makes the PM feature a great way to manage systems that have been underperforming for some time.

ThinkPad 13 3000 series users will also be able install the new PM feature on the laptop by downloading the installer from the Thinkpad website.

The installer will install the PM to the drive that the ThinkPads SSD will reside on.

The ThinkPad system can also be booted from the system media drive, or USB stick.

Once installed, the installer will set the following settings for the Thinkpads PM feature:The system will automatically restart after the user has set the correct CPU/gpu/memory clocks for the laptop and system.

After restarting, users can turn on the PM features with a simple click on the power management button in the system menu.

The user can configure the CPU/ GPU/memory clock, fan speed, and voltage for all cores, as the user wants, and can also set a system clock for each core, or all cores.

Users will be also able to monitor the power consumption of their system from the user interface.

The system will show how much power is being consumed by the CPU and GPU/GPU memory.

Users will be allowed to manually adjust these settings, as they wish, with a click of the power control button in system menu, as shown below.

The system can be booted from USB sticks or media drives, but only if the media drive is formatted as FAT32.

ThinkPad media drives formatted as NTFS are not supported, and users will need to convert their NTFs into FAT32 before they can boot from USB drives.


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