Why do scientists have a hard time explaining why the global warming trend is slowing down?

The answer is that the Earth’s climate is changing faster than any single person, including those at the top of the food chain, said a team of scientists who study the phenomenon in the journal Science.

The research team is a team led by researchers at the University of Washington and the University at Buffalo.

In a study published online this week, they describe the slowest global warming rate observed since records began.

For the last few decades, scientists have been studying the causes of global warming, which has led to a steady rise in temperatures that is now slowing down.

The researchers have been tracking the rate of global temperature change for decades and have observed it slowly but steadily decrease.

But the warming has been happening slowly because it is so far below what scientists expect in a warming world.

“What we’re seeing is a slowing down of the rate,” said lead author Stephen Meyer, a geophysicist at the UW.

“It’s not the rate we expect from natural processes.”

Scientists think it is possible that natural factors have been at work.

The slow rate of warming is “quite remarkable,” said co-author John Cook, a senior research scientist in Earth system science at the university.

“We’ve had these little little spikes, but the trend has been very slow.”

The team has found evidence that there is a global warming slowdown that has been occurring for a while.

The authors say that in recent years, temperatures have slowed down faster than expected because the climate is warming faster than predicted.

The slowdown in the global rate of change is most pronounced in the Northern Hemisphere, where the Northern Pole is warming fastest.

That warming region has the greatest potential for cooling.

“The Southern Hemisphere is much more sensitive to natural variability,” Meyer said.

“They’re warming faster in the Southern Hemisphere.”

The researchers say that if the global climate is continuing to warm at its current pace, there could be a lot of heat being trapped in the Earth.

“If that heat is going to be stored, it’s going to accumulate in the atmosphere,” Meyer explained.

“That will eventually heat up, and that’s what we’re going to see with climate change.”

In addition to slowing the rate, there is also evidence that the rate is slowing because of changes in the rate at which the ocean absorbs solar energy.

“A lot of the cooling of the oceans and changes in ocean chemistry is because of the sun,” Meyer told CBS News.

“When the sun is shining, the ocean’s water evaporates, and when it’s not shining, there’s less evaporation.

So if you can’t see the sun, you’re not going to absorb all the sunlight.”

The warming of the ocean also means that more heat is being stored in the ocean.

“So when you get that ocean warming, that’s going a lot further away from the surface of the Earth and it’s getting warmer,” Meyer continued.

“And the ocean itself is warming more rapidly than it’s been for many years.”

Meyer said it is important to look at this slow global warming phenomenon in its totality, as it is an ongoing trend.

“There are other things that are happening that are also causing these changes,” Meyer added.

“But it’s really a one-to-one relationship.”

The slowdown has been a problem for decades, but it was only recently that it started to get noticed.

Scientists have found that warming has slowed down because of a number of different things, including the increasing amount of solar radiation entering the Earth system.

Scientists believe that is causing the slowing in the warming.

“In recent years we’ve been able to look back at a lot more of these processes,” Meyer acknowledged.

“For example, the Pacific decadal oscillation is changing, and it is very hot and we’re getting warmer.”

Scientists also think that changes in atmospheric chemistry are playing a role in the slowing of global temperatures.

“Many of these other processes are also affecting the warming,” Meyer noted.

“You can’t say we’re not changing that, you have to say that we’re changing it, but we’re also changing it at the same time.”

Meyer explained that it takes a while for a global change to affect the entire planet.

“Things can get very large in a very short time, so it’s very difficult to say, ‘Oh, the Earth is cooling,'” Meyer said, referring to the slowing.

Meyer said that the slowing has already started to affect some of the world’s biggest cities.

The slowing is particularly evident in Beijing, the capital of the People’s Republic of China, where it has reduced the temperature of the streets to a mere three degrees Celsius, the lowest recorded temperature in the world in the last three years.

In Paris, a city in France that has a population of more than 40 million people, temperatures are about a tenth of a degree colder than the average temperature.

Meyer, who is also a professor of geophysics at the U.S. Naval Academy, said it


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